4 Easy Summer Activities for Pre-Teens

Pre-teens playing outside at dusk

The summer season is a time when kids get a break from school and can enjoy sleeping in and spending plenty of time outdoors with their friends. It can also be a time when pre-teens get bored due to a lack of a schedule. If you want to keep your son or daughter busy, there are a few easy summer activities to plan for pre-teens.


Help your pre-teen unplug from technology and take a break from the computer while also giving you a break by giving them a project or two around the house. Teach them how to pressure wash a wood fence, start and maintain a vegetable garden, or repaint the deck. It’s a good way to keep them busy, and plus it teaches life skills that they’ll eventually thank you for.

Summer Camp

Summer camp will allow your kids to socialize in a safe and positive environment where they can have fun and form new friendships with other kids. Many different types of summer camp are available, which includes science camp, Christian camps, and Girl Scout camps. According to Wonder Valley, summer camp helps facilitate the learning process, so that pre-teens can learn how to work together, associate with adult mentors, build relationships, and manage conflict. They’ll learn how to work together as a team with other kids their age, which can help them to develop more maturity.

Learn How to Cook

The summer season is the perfect time for pre-teens to learn how to cook and develop a few skills in the kitchen. According to Self Sufficient Kids, teaching kids to cook not only leads to healthier eating but also gives kids skills that could save them money as adults. Make it a point to help them learn how to make a few dishes until they develop independence with preparing meals. With a bit of practice, they can form a new hobby and skill that lasts a lifetime and allows them to make good use of all of their free time.


Teach your child how to give back and serve others during the summer by signing them up to volunteer. There are many opportunities to give back to the community, whether it means helping to care for dogs and cats at an animal shelter or working in a soup kitchen to serve meals to the homeless. Directories like JustServe.org are a great place to find opportunities for your pre-teen to volunteer in your area. The act will help your child to become more aware of the needs of others and make it a part of their lifestyle.

There are many ways to keep your pre-teens busy and active during the summer months until it’s time to return to school. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep them entertained and help them to continue to learn and grow on their break.

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