Year: 2021

Tools Required:5/16″ Nut Driver, #2 Phillips Screwdriver, Feeler Gauge, 0-15lb Pressure Gauge, Straight Blade Screwdriver Unplug heater Remove upper shell and plastic fan grill(if equipped)

Problem: The motor binds after replacing the rotor. Reason: Oversized Rotor or improper rotor gap. If the fan is hard to turn when the motor

Air pump pressure is directly related to fuel delivery. If the pump pressure is incorrect, the fuel delivery will be incorrect. As a result the

It’s time to go back to school after a school year of mostly e-learning. Most schools have transitioned to using tech instead of textbooks such

Model Motor Microprocessor Control Ignition Module Kit Ignitor Electrode Filter Kit Nozzle Photocell Roter Kit TA100 NA 117766-01 NA NA PP213 100735-35 M16656-26 PP204 TA103