6 DIY Projects You Can Do Around Your Home

Collection of tools, craft items, and color swatches sitting out on a table

DIY projects are all the rage these days as the home has become a hobby for many people. Spurred on by social media and reality television shows, the image of the homeowner as the handyperson has entered social consciousness. While many DIY projects are reserved for only the most skilled, there are some DIY projects that nearly anyone can accomplish. Here are some DIY projects to consider if you want to try your hand at improving your home.

Add Pathways

A well-placed and creative pathway near the front of your home can give it an entirely different look. The pathway can be designed and built in a number of different ways to give it a unique appearance. This pathway can be lined with different plants and vegetation to give it a garden feel. The finished product can be made to resemble a garden, and not only can it lead to your house, but it can change the entire appearance. This will require some digging and paving, but this is certainly a project that you can do on your own and it will not be overly difficult.

Security Upgrades

As nice as your home looks, it is still a safe space where you live. The home must be designed to provide the safety that you require. Another potential DIY project is to add a security system for your home. Advances in technology mean that you have a variety of different options that are not difficult to install for a reasonable price. Security systems have many features to protect you and your home that can be updated however you want. Given the smartphone movement, these systems are easier to control and provide even more functionality.

Door Shelves

This project will transform your living space and is very easy to make. All you need to start is an antique door. Cut the door in half and find a corner in a room and you have a creative looking door shelf. This is an attractive way to display flowers or other mementos that will add color and creativity to any room. This project can be done in the course of a day or two.

Build Benches

There are a variety of different benches that you can build for the front or back of your home. All it takes is some wood and a saw to get started. You just need a few hundred dollars and a weekend, and creative design and you can have a bench. You can customize the look of the bench depending on the type of wood and lumber that you use. Adding cushions to the bench can make it even more enjoyable to use and can spruce up the appearance. It’s a great way to add decoration to your backyard.

Reading Nook

You can transform a window into a nook by building out the window and making a place to sit and read. You need some wood and paint and you can create your own area to enjoy a book in the sunlight. Alternatively, you can create a nook under a staircase if you want to build your own hideaway. This would require that you build a platform under the staircase with a cushion on top of it so you can curl up and read. You can even find a corner of any room and build yourself a nook there.


This is one of the easier projects that you can build and be able to say that you built a house. There is a multitude of doghouse designs that range from the simple to the complex. The simpler designs only require around $100 and a few hours of your time. You can build them to existing plans that others have designed, or you can fashion your own doghouse. You can even make a doghouse out of something as simple as some plywood and pallets. This project has the dual benefits of sprucing up your backyard and being a comfortable place for your pet.

If you have any DIY skills, all you need is a little bit of money and some creative ideas. Add that to some of your time and you have yourself a project. Maybe a spacious doghouse for Fido.