Five Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers

five unique birthday party ideas for teenagers

Planning a teenager’s birthday party can be challenging. Here are five unique birthday party ideas for teenagers of all interests.

Gaming Tournament

It is easier than ever to plan a gaming tournament for a birthday party thanks to mobile gaming vans that will come to you. Boys especially will love the chance to just hang out in a cool space with their buddies and play video games. Don’t forget to stock the venue with plenty of fun party snacks and drinks.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Archery Tag

Combining the fun of both pinball and archery, this sport is a great activity to incorporate into a teenager’s birthday party. The soft-tip arrows and paintball masks make this a safe activity designed for people of all skill levels. Archery tag is safe to play in a backyard or park, making it a versatile party option.

Source: HopNParty

Spa Day

Teenage girls will love the experience of a luxurious spa day. To create this experience in your own home, you’ll only need a few supplies. Pamper your guests with a host of activities such as pedicures, manicures, and facials.

By recruiting a few of your mom friends to join in on the fun, you can ensure that you have enough helpers to pull off a successful event. Be sure to not overlook the mood-enhancing components such as soft lighting, relaxing music, and relaxing aromatherapy oils or incense. A spa-inspired menu of fruits, pastries, tea sandwiches, and flavored waters is also a great touch.

Source: Spa in Your Space

Laser Tag

Kids are never too old for a good game of laser tag. This engaging party idea will get the competitive juices flowing and encourage your teenagers to get moving. Offering prizes to the winners will up the ante and promote more participation.

Bonfire and Outdoor Games

Kids of both genders will enjoy a bonfire party with their friends. This is an ideal party when both boys and girls will be attending. Be sure to plan an assortment of fun party foods to cook over the fire, such as hot dogs and s’mores. By planning outdoor games like flashlight tag, you can ensure that nobody will get bored. You could even pair this with a trip to somewhere close like a lake, into the woods, beach, or doing a light hike.

By thinking outside of the proverbial party box, you can generate a host of birthday party ideas designed to please any gender or personal interest. Encourage your teen to actively participate in the planning and enjoy the journey with them!

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