Thousands of kitchen fires erupt unexpectedly throughout the U.S. each year. Causes can be attributed to a variety of factors from faulty wiring, improperly maintained

Wood siding shingles offer an attractive feature to the décor of many homes. Besides their beauty, cedar shingles provide a near water-proof barrier, protecting the

Portable Heaters have been helping to heat homes, cabins, garages, patios, and construction sites for several decades. By definition, they provide a mobile mechanism in

Creative organization and storage can be easily accomplished in basement rooms that the family uses. In this blog we will spotlight fun and colorful ways to

In previous blogs we discussed the importance of organizing the home and garage. In this blog we will look at improving storage space in the

Some of the most distinctive bookends have been crafted from portions of recycled furniture such as old legs or antique bedposts. Converting old furniture parts

It is not uncommon to discover mold growth in the attics of older homes. This is particularly true in colder climates, although attic mold can also be