Intermediate Kitchen Maintenance

Thousands of kitchen fires erupt unexpectedly throughout the U.S. each year. Causes can be attributed to a variety of factors from faulty wiring, improperly maintained Electric Equipment, unattended cooking episodes using stove tops or ovens, up to and including small appliances like toaster ovens or in-home grilling systems. However, there are several common sense strategies the homeowner can undertake to reduce fire risk in the kitchen. Having personal safety equipment handy is one of the most effective ways to address a spontaneous flame. For example, every home should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen that is easily accessible in case of a small fire event. There are other more proactive strategies that are very important and can also help prevent kitchen fires.

Personal Safety Equipment

burning stove topBesides having a fire extinguisher, we strongly recommend all frequently and not-so-frequently used electric equipment be tested for shorts. carries a state-of-the-art professional grade testing tool to ensure your home’s kitchen appliances do not have electric current leaks which could generate a spark and start a fire.

Short Stop AC Leakage Current Tester

The Short Stop AC Leakage Current Tester is ideal for providing a quick and easy way to test kitchen appliances and electric tools. It is equally effective at testing small kitchen appliances such as hand-held electric mixers, single serving latte machines, and the like. The Short Stop can also test extension cords and power strips that draw up to 20 amps. By periodically testing your kitchen’s electric equipment for leaks, repairing or replacing any that are discovered, you will go a long way in reducing fire risk in the kitchen.

If You Are Buying A Home

If you are purchasing a home, we also recommend having interior kitchen wiring checked for shorts and/or previous fire damage. This goes for all electrical outlets as well. If a fire has occurred, electric wires behind the walls could still be exposed, melted or burned that were undiscovered even after repairs were made within the kitchen itself.