From Mason Jar Terrariums To Fish “Bowls”

A drink in a mason jarIf you have been looking for a new twist on the age-old Party and Event favors or table centerpieces, we have some exciting and fun ways to light up the mason jar. Listed below are four great ways to add some pizzazz to any event by using mason jars of various sizes. All that is required is some ingenuity, sand and candles, plus a few living things, and you will have your party and event supplies for guests’ favors covered. Some of these mason jar projects take a little longer than others; some only five minutes or less. Regardless of which ones you choose (or a combination of several) rest assured you will stand out from the crowd in the favor-giving and centerpiece department.

The Herb Terrarium

 The basic supplies required to build an herb terrarium in a mason jar include the jars themselves, a little potting soil, pebbles or small stones, herb plants (oregano, basil, thyme, etc,) shells, rocks and a small decorative toy, if desired. Simply place some pebbles in the bottom of the mason jar for drainage. Next, add some soil, plant the herbs, and set off the herb garden with decorative shells and/or a colorful small plastic toy just for fun.

The Candle Holder

This is a really quick and easy party and event favor. Place fine grain sand in the bottom of a mason jar and pop in a colorful votive or taper candle. Taper candles work well in larger mason jars while votives are nice for pint size mason jars. Some crafters like to use mason jars with lids attached as they can snuff out the candle simply by closing the top of the jar.

The Fish Bowl

A fun idea is to buy a beta fish and place in a quart size mason jar. We suggest getting some colorful aquarium stones and plastic aquatic plants to place in the bottom of the jar. Beta fish like to hide among the plant leaves; it soothes them.  Plus, you want to make their environment look as much like their natural environment as possible. You can even add a plastic sea horse if you like for added color.

The Drinkable Mason Jar with Straw

Very easy, the drinkable jar ‘glass’ offers a new twist on an old theme. Some restaurants and breweries use mason jars to serve drinks in. Depending on preference, you can add waterproof stencil decorations to the outside of the jar. Or, as an alternative, buy jars that come with screw on metal lids. Using metal cutters, cut fun shapes like a simple daisy design. Be sure and cut a hole in the middle for the straw.