Building A Vertical Wall Coat Rack

In a previous blog we discussed how to build a conventional horizontal coat rack shelf that provides a convenient way to hang jackets and coats for the beginning crafter. We will present a creative twist on the coat rack theme in this blog, one that is sure to attract admirers and provide more options for hats, coats, backpacks, and more. Now that you have some experience building a simple, albeit smaller, coat rack, you are ready for the next challenge—a vertical board system that will also have far more hanging capacity. By using common Construction Tools including electric tools from, in just a few short hours you will have created and installed a unique and resourceful coat rack series for your foyer or back door entrance.

The Vertical Approach

hat hanging on a coat rackPurchase two to four 1X4” boards in whatever length you want to hang your vertical boards. A 4 to 6 foot long board is best simply because longer boards can hold more items and accommodate more hooks without items being too close together. Next, sand and finish the boards with whatever paint or stain you want to appear on your wall. You may even want to alternate paint colors for a festive look. Once dry, attach whatever kind of hooks or post types for greater functionality and a more distinctive appearance.

With a stud finder, locate studs in which you will anchor the boards. Alternatively, you may choose to use screw type dry wall anchors instead. Take a mechanical pencil from your construction tools to mark where each board will go. Next, insert screws partway with your electric drill so each tip is visible from the back of the board. If using the dry wall anchors, press into the marked spots you’ve made with the pencil and finish installing each board into the wall.

If attaching the coat rack boards to studs, take the electric drill and begin a hole for installation. Once the board is positioned properly, finish screwing or nailing the board in place. Each board will have three to four screws or nails—top, bottom, and mid section. Depending on how long your board is, you may need to attach it with a couple middle screws for optimal anchoring. Remember, the more weight you expect your coat racks to hold, the more reinforcement they may need. Kids’ backpacks are often heavy and some families like to hang gym bags filled with equipment that can add stress to the coat rack.