The Seasoned Organizer

Shelves and organizer binsCreative organization and storage can be easily accomplished in basement rooms that the family uses. In this blog we will spotlight fun and colorful ways to build or buy storage units that hold commonly used items the family access in a finished subterranean space. For example, by using Construction Tools such as a handsaw, hammer and nails, as well as enamel paint or stain, the advanced Weekend Warrior can build under-the-stairs shelves in a weekend. Another fun storage solution is to purchase used (or new) gym lockers and paint them in a variety of colors to spruce up a partially finished basement storage area or workout room. A third option includes using otherwise ignored ceiling or rafter space that is easily accessible via our ladders.

Finished Shelves Under the Stairs

If you have a finished family or recreational room in your basement, you may want storage in which to keep frequently and not so frequently used items. Games, books, family photo albums, and other paraphernalia, can all be conveniently kept in a set of shelves built under the stairs. The first thing you will want to do is, with your tape measure, measure at least six inches from the floor for your first shelf row. You can enclose the space with a wood front panel from floor to first shelf if you choose, although it’s not essential that you do so. The important thing to remember is to factor in space so that nothing is stored at floor level.

Next, decide what items you are likely to store in this area and measure the height of those objects and design shelf heights accordingly. You may want to allow for taller objects (or stackable objects such as games) to be placed on upper shelves, with shorter items on lower shelves. As a seasoned craftsman, begin cutting and sanding the wood before installing the shelves. Once this step is completed, wipe down shelves with a damp rag before painting or staining.

In the Rafters

Some basements may have a combination of finished and unfinished rooms that have exposed rafters or ceiling beams. In either case, you may be able to utilize this area for storing things like fishing gear (in the event of an unfinished room) or excess bedding in see-through plastic tubs or exotic baskets in a finished bedroom. All of these items can be easily accessed by buying a reliable ladder from Telesteps are collapsible, are conveniently stored in their own case, and easily tucked out of sight.

Lockers Make the Grade

Finally, a third organizing and storage solution for the basement includes shopping around for new or used lockers. They make a great addition to a recreation or workout room. When buying used lockers, you can spruce up your workout room by painting them in a variety of colors. If buying new, most companies sell lockers in several color options. Lockers make a great place to store tennis rackets, golf equipment, workout towels, and a whole host of other sporting good items.