5 DIY Automation Projects

Common household tools, like wrenches, paint brushes, levels

Featured Image courtesy of HDH Tech

Many of today’s homeowners desire having smart homes with DIY automated systems. However, not everyone wants to take that plunge perhaps because they do not know how or where to start.

Budget is another factor that would limit some people from taking up DIY projects for their homes since as we all know, electronic gadgets can become quite pricey. The good thing about DIY’ers is that they can see the end game and plan accordingly. They have no hesitations on taking pieces from other systems or building everything from scratch.

For those DIY’ers out there, here are 5 DIY Automation Projects to help you bring your house into the digital age.

Get started with these DIY projects

1. Automated smart valve

If you have some plumbing background, you can do this yourself or if you’re like many of us, you can just hire a plumber! Smart valves can replace mechanical valves and allow you to use your smartphone to shut off your water at the touch of a button or even shut it off automatically if water is present. This is particularly important if you are away from home and you want to prevent chances of a pipe bursting or a basement flood.

2. Building DIY security system for your home

The best thing about smart tech is that it makes your home safer. You can use smoke detectors, smart locks and many other options. Some smart security systems also allow you to monitor your home remotely, track any burglary and if need be, take action by alerting the police.

3. Automated temperature and humidity readings

Every DIY enthusiast is fascinated by the idea of voice command. There are different platforms that you can use to come up with a voice command system for any of your home automation project. You can build a system that will alert you to the temperature and humidity readings within your house or you can even have your home the correct temperature when you walk in from your activities!

4. Automated pool controller

Everyone wants to relax in a pool especially after a hard day’s work. Maintaining a pool is not easy and with small DIY projects you can come up with an automation system to lessen the intensity of pool maintenance. You can come up with models that can control your pool water pump, heating, and lighting.

5. Automated curtain opener

If you realized you left your curtains open, you have the option of automating this process. It is possible to have a DIY project that opens and closes your curtains at preset times to help save on wasted energy. The added bonus? You can impress your friends when they com over!

DIY home theatre and intercom

Making your home secure is easier than you might think. A number of simple DIY projects can improve your home security. For example, video doorbells and security lighting are known to cut on costs when compared to OEM systems. It is easier to create a DIY home intercom system using extra telephones lying around in the house. Another option is to purchase cheap phones to build your intercom system.

Not only can you create your own intercom system but also a DIY home theatre system. Even though this process can be time-consuming, it is exciting and has a good reward. Many guides can help you in coming up with a good and less costly DIY home theatre.

Even though the growth of home automation system is growing slowly, much is yet to be achieved. Some of the home automation products are too expensive, but that has not stopped DIY enthusiasts from creating ingenious systems in their homes. A little creative thinking and off the shelf technology makes it possible to have excellent home automation projects.