Your Complete Pool Party Checklist

Pool Party Checklist


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Summer isn’t complete without having at least one pool party! Whether you are hosting adults, kids, or both, this Pool Party Checklist will ensure that you have the hottest party of the summer that your friends and family want to come over every weekend to enjoy your pool!

1. Stock up On Snacks

Stocking up snacks and drinks is essential for your summer pool party. You can swing by the grocery store and pick up chips, popsicles, and maybe some finger sandwiches to keep your guests happy when they are not enjoying the pool. Don’t forget to grab some drinks so that no one gets dehydrated in the hot summer sun! If you’re feeling particularly extravagant, consider investing in a concession machine so as to make either frozen drinks, popcorn, or cotton candy. This is certain to add a bit of pizzazz to your party.

2. Pool Activities

Does your pool have a basketball hoop or volleyball net in it? If not, merely string a net across the pool or bring out one of your kids’ old small basketball hoops to sit on the side of the pool. These are two great DIY family games to play in the pool!


Additionally, pool floats are super trendy this summer! Pick up a few from your local store and toss them into your pool to make your party ready for cute pictures for Instagram.

3. Crank up The Tunes

No pool party is complete without some summer music! Grab a Bluetooth speaker or plug your phone into your stereo to add some life to the party. Consider making a playlist before the party so that you can guarantee that you hear all of your favorite songs during the party.

4. Make Use of Your Patio

Once you are done swimming for the day or perhaps on a swim break, consider moving the party to the patio for dinner. Bring out the grill and some chairs and you are set up to make hamburgers and hotdogs for your friends and family. This is a great way to keep the party going and make sure everyone goes home with a full belly.


Regardless of the activities or music you choose to have at your party, the important part is gathering your friends, family, and kids to share time together! Take these checklist items into account to have the best pool party you have ever had! Don’t forget to make use of your patio for your summer pool party to keep your guests engaged and make sure they leave with full bellies!