Five Tips and Tricks to Make Your DIY Event a Success!

Five Tips and Tricks to Make Your DIY Event a Success

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are increasing in popularity, and DIY events are just one result of this craze. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or baby shower, follow these five tips and tricks to make your DIY event a success.

1. Do Your Research

You don’t have to do extensive research on every single aspect of your current DIY project. But you should look for inspiration so you have something to reference before you dive right in. Even if you have your own idea, it’s wise to supplement your vision with additional information that matches your theme. If you aren’t sure how to execute your vision for the event, then look up videos of similar projects to see the DIY process from start to finish.

2. Be Creative

When you have an idea, go with it. Maybe you thought of a great way to fold napkins into the shape of a butterfly. Now, you want to theme the entire event around butterflies — and that’s great. Think of activities that will go along with that theme and go from there. There are no limits to what a DIY event can be. You have total control over how the event turns out, so don’t be afraid to try out new ideas.

3. Modify Designs You Find Online

Pinterest is a great place to look for resources, but you can also conduct a general internet search for images. The key to using online resources is adding your own personal touch to each thing you make. It can be as simple as adding an additional layer of paint to a centerpiece or using a different fabric. Just don’t limit yourself to a carbon copy of what you see online.

4. Add Store-Bought Touches

Store-bought touches work to polish the look of a DIY event. For example, if you’re planning a vintage wedding with homemade decorations, then spring for fresh flowers. Flowers will complement the homemade centerpieces and place cards, while offering a subtle scent to the room. Think of different ways to incorporate store-bought objects with everything you plan to do yourself.

5. Rent a Storage Unit

Once you begin gathering tools and materials and crafting your decor, your house will quickly feel overrun with pre-event supplies and decorations. A great tip to keep in mind is renting a storage unit to hold DIY projects and supplies. According to STOR-N-LOCK Self Storage, “Most storage facilities offer the convenience and flexibility of month-to-month unit rentals.”  That way, you can enjoy the comforts of a clutter-free home without the stress of signing a long-term contract.

The best part of completing a DIY project is that it becomes your vision. Use these tips to plan, organize, and craft your way to a successful DIY event — you and your guests will be glad you did.