How To Cater Your Party On A Budget

Cater Your Party On A Budget

So maybe you just got some cool upgrades to your backyard or the weather’s particularly impressive that season, and you’re thinking that it’s an excellent time to plan a party to celebrate. We think so too, but there’s bound to be a lot to do. Between the guest list, activities, and decorations that you need to get done, you may not even want to think about catering the party. Today we will share a few tips to help you save money on how to cater your party on a budget and make the process less stressful!

Make a List

Making a list of ingredients that you need to prepare the meals you choose to cater is key to saving money. One easy way to make a list is to decide the main dish you will be serving and then list the sides you want to serve, along with beverages and a dessert if you wish.

Also, take note of the number of guests you will have to attend the event. This will help you determine how much of each item you need to purchase when you plan to go grocery shopping!

Shop your Pantry

“Shopping” your pantry is a great way to save money when catering an event. Even if your pantry is relatively empty, you may have some of the essentials such as baking powder, soda, etc. that you can avoid purchasing. Once you have shopped your pantry, cross these items off of your list!

Shop in Bulk

Shopping in bulk is a great way to save money for catering your event, as it can save you not only money but time. This is an especially good idea if you are hosting a significant event such as a wedding reception! You can purchase healthy sides, drinks or snacks, either online or at a store like Costco or Sam’s Club. Just make sure that it’s not too much of one item, as sometimes the deals can get a little too tempting. Stick to your grocery list, and do not stray for other attractive deals.

Shop Discounted Paper Products

Discounted paper products are a great way to save money on catering your event. While your paper plates still need to be sturdy, this a great way to cut costs because you can often find them on sale or clearance. You can also consider watching sales before the event, and stock up as items go on sale!

Even though catering your own event may seem like a lot more work than hiring a professional caterer, your wallet will thank you later! Remember that planning ahead always helps to alleviate stress. For more help catering your event, check out our wide selection of party equipment!