How to replace the rotor (air pump)

Tools Required:5/16″ Nut Driver, #2 Phillips Screwdriver, Feeler Gauge, 0-15lb Pressure Gauge, Straight Blade Screwdriver

  1. Unplug heater
  2. Remove upper shell and plastic fan grill(if equipped)
  3. Disconnect air line
  4. Remove plastic filter end cover and air filters
  5. Remove metal pump end cover
  6. Loosen pump body(remove if necessary), and remove roter and blades
  7. Install new rotor with insert face the motor
  8. Adjust the gamp between the rotor and the pump body to .005″ and tighten pump body
  9. Install the four new blades
  10. Install metal pump end cover
  11. Install air filters and plastic end cover. Refer to illustration above for proper location.
  12. Connect air line
  13. Install plastic fan grill (if equipped) and upper shell
  14. Set up pressure per owner’s manual specifications

Note:Refer to owner’s manual for detailed instructions. See Application Guide for model listing

Never service heater while it is plugged in, operating, or hot. Severe burns and electrical shock can occur.