Why Does Your Heater Continue to Trip the Reset Button?

Here’s a step-by-step to figure out the issue and fix it.

  1. Determine the unit has fuel.
  2. If the flame is present skip to step 6. If NO flame is present, remove top cover and start heater.
  3. Check to see if there’s spark at the plug. If a spark is detected proceed to next step. If no spark, check for the following:
    • Check to see if the ignition device is grounded. Clean the point where the box connects to the frame of the heater and re-attach. Check for continuity.
    • If the ignition device has power going in, but no spark coming out replace ignition device.
    • There is no power into the Ignition Device, but there’s power into the Safety Control (reset). The Safety Control either has a bad connection or is defective- repair or replace.
  4. Check to see if fuel is spraying into the chamber. If it is proceed to next step. If not check the following:
    • Check the pressure with a low pressure gauge.
    • If there is NO PRESSURE disassemble to rotor. Check if the rotor is dirty or broken. Clean if the rotor is dirty and replace if broken. Re-assemble using no lubricant.
    • If there is SOME PRESSUREuse soapy water to determine if there is an air leak. Even a small leak can cause big issues. Check the plastic end cover and the cork gasket.
    • If no leaks are found disassmble the rotor to clean or replace it.
    • If all the above steps are followed and still no fuel it has to be between the plastic end cover, nozzle, or fuel line. Use soapy water to check the airline, fuel line, nozzle adapter, and nozzle.
  5. If there is spark and fuel present, but no flame then check the following:
    • Check the condition of the airline
    • Check the condition of the fuel line
    • Check for a leak in the nozzle adapter
    • Check for a restriction in the nozzle
    • Check for a worn nozzle
    • Check for a restriction in the fuel filter
    • Chec for a defective fan
    • Check for a clog in the breather hole of the fuel cap
    • Check for water in the fuel tank
  6. If there is a flame present, but the reset (Safety Control) continues to trip, then temporarily bypass the Safety Control. If the heater runs continuously and you are pleased, then immediately replace the defective Safety Control. Do NOT run bypassed!