Weekend Warrior – Deciding on the Perfect Fire Pit

stacked stone fire pitOutdoor fire pits are one of the trendiest outdoor features. They contribute to a relaxing atmosphere that can be enjoyed with both small and large groups. Selecting a fire pit design is usually the most challenging part of the process because there are so many options. The perfect pit is one that reflects your personality while achieving your desired goal – whether that means entertaining, increasing your property value, or just creating a cool décor piece on your property.

When looking at various design options, there are some practical items to consider in the early stages. They include:

  • Checking for any local ordinances or building codes that require permission or a permit in relation to a fire pit or open fires.
  • Considering the proximity to neighbors, trees, bushes, and other outdoor structures. Reduce the chances of a fire hazard by keeping the fire pit away from such objects. Some local regulations may require specific distances from the fire pit to property lines or structures.
  • Knowing how much space you will need for the fire pit if you plan to have a seating area around it. Use chalk or tape to test various positions and sizes, while using chairs around the perimeter to experience how the setup feels.
  • Ensuring the stone you pick is the best option for your fire pit. For example, concrete pavers have a uniform shape and size, but you may prefer to use a different stone option or pattern for a more personalized fire pit.

Once your logistics are sorted, here are just a few design options to choose from:

  • A small fire pit embedded into a stone patio and surrounded by wood chairs to create a rustic atmosphere.
  • An above ground 6-foot long fire trough on an outdoor patio that has a regular shape to keep guests warm.
  • A combination table/fire pit crafted from stone slabs with wood and steel accents.
  • Placing an above ground fire pit under a gazebo is a double win, as users can enjoy outdoor entertaining while staying dry when it’s raining or snowing.

When working on home projects during the winter, ensure warmth by purchasing a heater from EquipSupply.com. Before breaking ground for your fire pit, keep yourself and any helpers safe from frostbite and other winter-related ailments.