Arts & Crafts – Planning an Outdoor Winter Wedding

couple in wedding gown and tuxedo in the snowPlanning an outdoor wedding during the winter is a charming and romantic idea. Because many couples say “I do” during the spring and summer months, most venues and rental companies offer substantial discounts in the winter. The money saved can go toward a new home or the honeymoon. On the other hand, a winter wedding has some unique challenges, the biggest being cold (or even freezing) temperatures.

Must-haves for an outdoor winter wedding include a sheltered space and heat. Tents and heaters are the best solutions for unpredictable weather. A tent can act as backup space for the ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception. Couples should ensure their venue provides heavy-duty heaters such as these tent heaters from, which create a warm environment while limiting distracting noises.

An outdoor winter wedding venue is the perfect place to capture pictures of the bride and groom. Snow on the ground creates images that are classic, romantic, and elegant. Couples (and their bridal party) should be flexible and willing to go from indoors to outdoors for pictures.

A fun accessory for winter brides is a cozy wrap, faux fur shawl, or beautiful coat. They may simply choose to keep it on during the entire ceremony, or take it off to showcase their gown while exchanging vows. Either way, wearing an accessory over the wedding gown adds variety to the wedding pictures.

Silver embellishments on a gown (or the bridesmaid dresses) will reflect the sparkle of the season. Get crafty and add some sparkles to the dress, shoes, or even the bouquet. Likewise, centerpieces at the reception can also reflect the winter. Show this design element with anything from white branches to crystals to candles.

Keep guests warm by providing them with boots, leg warmers, or shawls for the outdoor portion of the event. Chances are they will be so excited to be part of the big day that they will gladly do anything to be enthusiastic participants. Allow them to keep personalized mugs with hot cider, cocoa, or coffee in their hands while witnessing the ceremony – the mug can double as their wedding favor.