Introduction to Creating An Outdoor Event Space

Couples enjoying time outdoorsIt is fun to entertain guests at your home during the spring and summer months. If you want to host friends and family outdoors, creating an appropriate event space can be done easily over the course of a weekend. The first thing to decide is what kind of event space works best for your needs. Do you normally have three to five guests in a casual and relaxed environment? Or do your gatherings tend to be more large and formal, including sit-down meals? The vibe you are going for will help you determine what sort of furniture, lighting, and accessories are best for your event space.

Next, consider the size of the space. If you have a basic backyard patio within a confined space, it’s easy to create an outdoor event space that works for many types of occasions. A bigger space requires you to create areas that clearly signify to guests certain activities, i.e. eating, sitting, dancing, mingling, watching the big game, etc.

When it comes to seating, there are several options to choose from as a host. You can take your living room furniture outdoors to make the gathering feel more cozy; you can set up tables and chairs to make your space feel casual or formal depending on your décor; or you can simply use chairs for dining purposes for a more low key vibe.

When it comes to choosing a table, a square table is a nice option because it has the ability to be expanded in the middle. This will allow it to work for big and small gatherings. Round wooden tables are also a wise option because they fit between four and eight people easily. In the summer months you can use them with a canopie to shade guests from the sun.

Unless you are having a formal event, it is a great idea to serve up delicious meats and vegetables for your guests from a grill. For safety purposes, position your grill away from any “child zones” you have. A large portable grill is best because you can have it located centrally for an intimate gathering, or move it to the periphery for a large party.

When it comes to décor, you can tailor accessories to the theme of your event. If you’re watching a big game with your buddies, create the right atmosphere by using dishes with colors of each team and use tablecloths inscribed with the team logos. If you want to go the extra mile, offers concession machines, including those for popcorn, beverages, cheese, snow-cone’s and more!

For more sophisticated events, place flowers on each table, hang lanterns of different colors, and use string lighting to light up the sky, as the event dwindles into the evening.