Intermediate Outdoor Party Crafts: Decorating Tables and Chairs

Decorated table settingTables and chairs serve a functional purpose for guests at parties, but they also create a statement when it comes to décor. Many hosts overlook the art of decorating tables and chairs, but taking the time to do so can benefit the overall aura of a party.

When it comes to tables, it is important to debate the kind of atmosphere that you are trying to create. Atmosphere should propel your decisions when decorating.

For a summer theme, beach colors like yellow and blue can be incorporated into the tablecloth or runner. Use silver lanterns to add sparkle; place sunny lemons inside to add flair. Keep the actual candle on the table itself.

If you want to show off glorious flowers that are in bloom around your yard, focus on displaying a rainbow of colors on your table. Use small mason jars and short drinking glasses to create a whimsical arrangement of flowers in alternating colors and heights. Make an extra special statement by casually placing whatever fruits are in season on the runner as well.

For something a little more unusual, create a table by placing wood slabs across columns or old barrels you may have on your property. Keep the top of the table simple in this instance so that the focus stays on the assembly of the table. Use a wooden bench to match the look of the tabletop.

For a sweet and simple look, run with vintage/rustic elements. Use recycled newspapers as placemats. Place white hydrangeas in recycled silver cans for an earthy look. Use black and white plates with silver utensils to match the tin cans. Your guests will be blown away by the simplistic beauty of this look.

When decorating chairs, use cushions or fabric in different styles and colors to improve your décor. If you are having a 4th of July party, go with red, white, and blue fabrics. For a garden party, consider a gentle pastel-colored cushion. Adjust your color scheme with your party theme.

Drape more intricate decorations around the top of the chair, or on the sides. For example, if you have fresh flowers, tie them to ribbons and casually drape them on the tops of chairs.

Lastly, it is always fun to point your chairs in a color that is appropriate for your event. If you have a surplus of chairs, select two or three different paint colors to alternate amongst the tables.