Advanced Crafting: Pinwheels, Trellises, and Hanging Lanterns

pinwheelPinwheels, trellises, and hanging lanterns are all items that can jazz up the look of your outdoor space. Take note, these items are for the advanced crafter. Those who are looking for a challenge should step up to the plate. Here are multiple examples of each item so you can decide which style works best for you:


      • This flower-inspired version can be used for formal events, such as weddings.
      • Pinwheel magnets can be used both on your indoor and outdoor refrigerators.
      • Make a pinwheel mobile to hang over a baby’s crib if you or anyone you know is expecting a little one.
      • Getting back to the outdoors, these soda-can pinwheel flowers can be used to enhance your yard and keep squirrels out of your garden with the noise they make.
      • If you have an outdoor wall that is lacking flair, spruce up the look by creating a pinwheel mural.


Hanging Lanterns:

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