Essential Equipment for Clean-Freaks

Woman with mop, goggles, and spray bottleIf cleaning is more of a hobby for you than a boring chore, you might be a clean freak. Some of us feel a certain satisfaction that only comes from seeing a spotless surface and organized shelves. Keeping a home perfectly clean is easier if you have the proper tools to help you do the job. Having these six items ready to go makes any kind of cleaning a breeze.

Dusting Towels

Every clean freak should have a good way to deal with dust. This chore can quickly get annoying if you don’t have the right tools. Regular cloth rags don’t pick up dust as well as we’d like, and often you’ll find dust bunnies in the corners of hardwood floored rooms no matter how often you do the countertops. Instead, try using a microfiber dusting mop. This is especially handy in bathrooms and kitchens. You can quickly eradicate dirt and dust, and make your floors look more highly polished.

A Versatile Vacuum

When you have a great vacuum, it can take over the duties of a mop, broom, and duster all at once! The best vacuums are the ones that can be used for everything and on every surface. A wet/dry vacuum system can be used to suck up dust, cobwebs, or liquid spills. It’s the perfect tool for keeping your home, or even your car spotless. According to Aqua-Air, vacuuming done this way can even help to eliminate allergens in your car. This can keep your family healthy as well as clean!

Razor Blades

When a clean house is a priority, spotless surfaces are a must. Razor blades make it easy to remove crusty or gooey spills. Any three-dimensional mess that is too tough for your usual cleaners will benefit from a good scraping with a blade. The great thing about tiny razor blades is that they won’t scratch the surface like a regular knife might.

Spray Bottles

Cleaning geeks can be as picky about their cleaning products as some people are about cosmetics or food brands. No matter which products you love, you probably make at least one of your own concoction. Even if you don’t make your own, filling smaller bottles with your bulk supply of cleaners will make your life easier and leave you with less trips to the store. Empty spray bottles are a necessity for those times you need to whip up linen spray, upholstery cleaner, or stain remover.


If you aren’t passionate about keeping a surgically clean home, you may underestimate the value of a well-made bucket. Every clean freak knows there are few things that cannot be cleaned without a bucket, soap, and a scrub brush. It’s always good to have at least two buckets on hand.

Basic Tools

A compulsion to keep everything as clean as possible often involves disassembling items to clean in the nooks and crannies. For this job, you will need a set of basic tools, such as screwdrivers, a chisel, hammer, and pliers. These simple tools will allow you to take just about anything apart and put it back together after it is sparkling clean.

Having the right instruments for the job allows you to be more efficient with your time. With these tools in your arsenal, your house will be spotless.