Home Maintenance Checks To Do Before Your Next House Party

Home Maintenance Checks To Do Before Your Next House Party

When you are planning on having a party in your home, make such to check your house’s plumbing first. Anyone having a party with numerous guests must have working plumbing fixtures to avoid any embarrassing problems such as overflowing toilets or nonfunctional garbage disposal units. Here are some Home Maintenance Checks to complete before your next party!

Have Plungers For All Of the Toilets In a Home

Make sure to visit a home improvement store to buy several plungers that are designed for toilets. Keep one of these items underneath the sink in a bathroom to have it ready quickly when there is a clog or overflow in a bathroom. You can also use one of these items before there is a problem. While cleaning a toilet, use a plunger first to loosen any debris that is stuck in the drain, and also, flush the toilet several times to clean the drainage system.

Check Your Home’s Water Heater In Advance

Use a flashlight to look at your home’s water heater for any problems such as leaks on the floors or walls. During a party at your home, you will probably need additional hot water for your guests, so make sure to turn up the water heater’s thermostat slightly. If you notice any problems with a water heater, then contact a plumber right away to have it repaired or to have a new appliance installed.

Inspect the Faucets On the Sinks In Your Bathrooms

Remove the tip of the faucet in a bathroom sink to remove the sediments from the screen. Tiny pieces of minerals will collect on these filters, preventing the proper flow of water from a faucet. After cleaning the screen, place it back into the tip before turning on the water. When the faucet handles are leaking or if there is water dripping from the pipe underneath the sink, you should call Fletcher’s Plumbing for assistance.

Clean a Kitchen Garbage Disposal Unit

At a party, you will serve a lot of food and beverages to your guests, leading to additional garbage. You can clean your kitchen’s garbage disposal unit by pouring baking soda into it along with white vinegar. After this mixture stops bubbling, turn on the faucet and run warm water for several minutes.

Have Your Home’s Plumbing Fixtures Inspected By an Expert

When it is too complicated for you to inspect the plumbing fixtures in your home, the plumbers from Fletcher’s Plumbing can complete this job. When a plumber finds something wrong with a plumbing fixture, he can finish a repair immediately by using the tools and supplies that are in his service van.


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