DIY Limitations – Home Projects That Require the Help of a Pro

DIY projects give renters and homeowners an outlet to create a home that best fits their individual tastes. From applying creative stencils and wallpapers to landscaping, these projects increase the skill of DIY enthusiasts over time. Doing work around the house without the help of a pro can also save a fair amount of money in the long run.

But there are some home projects that may be unsafe, even for advanced DIYers. Safety should be a top priority for any home project. Here are some DIY projects that may best be tackled with the help of a pro, or done entirely by experts:

  • Branch and tree removal – Whether you are trying to clear your landscape, safeguard your home from storms, or required to remove a tree/branches due to county regulations – consult a pro. Because this home project requires climbing and the use of dangerous tools from a high distance off the ground, it’s best not to try it alone.
  • Structural changes – Breaking down walls might seem easy enough, but there could be electrical wiring, gas pipes, and plumbing that cause major safety hazards if damaged. There’s also the chance of accidentally destroying a load-bearing wall, which is sure to lead to problems for the foundation of the house.Man Doing Electrical Work
  • Electrical work – Taking on electrical work puts DIYers in danger of getting shocked or unknowingly changing the position of wires. Both mistakes may lead to major safety issues for individuals and the home.
  • Replacing home siding – This job typically requires tools and equipment the average DIYer will not have on hand such as scaffolding and commercial ladders, which can be found at Using normal ladders and makeshift equipment for this job can lead to personal injury or a final look that appears unprofessional.
  • Roof repairs – Clearing gutters is doable for most DIY handymen. But when it comes to replacing tiles or structural roof projects, it’s best to call in a pro. One can easily lose their footing and slip, or even install tiles/materials incorrectly.
  • Building an outdoor kitchen – Building an outdoor kitchen is great for parties, entertaining, and the overall value of a home. But they require specialized knowledge and skill in various areas of home improvement. They are also a big investment, so while advanced DIY handymen can work on many aspects of the project, it may be worth it to consult a contractor to ensure the project gets done with 100% accuracy.