Ways to Childproof Your Home During the Holidays

baby gate in front of stairsThe holiday season is quickly approaching which means travels, toys, visitors, and decorations all around the house for many families. Although it is one of the happiest times of the year for little ones, the holiday season can pose hazards that are not a threat during the rest of the year. Extra safety measures and precautions can be made around the house to keep children out of harm’s way. It’s also wise to keep a first aid kit from EquipSupply.com readily available. Here are ways you can childproof your home during the holidays.

  • If you are putting up a tree, avoid tip-over by securing it to the wall with an eyehook or twine. Another option it to completely block it off with a safety gate to ensure that babies won’t crawl near the base and accidentally tip it over on top of themselves.
  • Keep candles, lights, and other heavy decorations well out of reach. Colorful and sparkly decorations are sure to catch the attention of children so ensure they can’t get a hold of it. Use lightweight and portable options for decorations that go on the floor or within reach of kids.
  • Cover your electrical cords with a rug or run them along the length of a wall and tape them securely. Test lights for loose connections and replace them with new bulbs.
  • Candles create a cozy and charming atmosphere at holiday parties and dinners, but they are an accident waiting to happen if there are numerous children running around the house. Consider the use of artificial candles that are battery operated or electric. They are a great alternative and give you one less thing to worry about.
  • The kitchen should be off-limits for young children unless supervised by an adult. Burns and scalds are a common holiday hazard so refrain from asking children to help you move hot foods/liquids from one room to another.
  • Batteries are common during the holidays. They are in everything from small electronic toys to greeting cards. But they are also very tempting to young children. Swallowing these shiny objects can lead to serious intestinal damage. Keep them safely inside electronics by placing a piece of tape on top of battery covers.
  • Fire safety is important year-round, but be extra diligent during the holidays. Test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors you already have installed. Replace batteries or units as necessary.