5 Ways to Have a Barefoot Friendly Yard This Summer

legs in yard

Featured Image courtesy of Courtesy of Minnesota Vein Center

Is there anything than running barefoot in the summer? Shoes are optional when the sun is shining down. While being barefoot is so relaxing, it can be a quite painful experience if you do not have a yard that is ready for your bare tootsies. Here are some quick and easy things you can do to have a Barefoot Friendly Yard for your “no shoe” adventures this summer.

Plant Grass Seed

Like most lawns across the country, you probably have a few bare spots from the harsh winter weather. Till up those areas and remove any rock or other debris that may have gotten mixed into the soil. Plant new grass and cover with straw. Part of going barefoot is feeling the grass beneath your feet. You, certainly, do not want to feel rocks and all sorts of sharp objects.

Get Rid of Weeds

In most cases, weeds mix right in with the grass, and you are none the wiser. However, some plants are prickly and can slice the skin like a knife. Dig thorny weeds up by the root to ensure they do not come back. Just clipping the surface means you will deal with them again. Weeds are a pain, but you will be so glad you got rid of them once the lawn is soft and lush.

Fertilize the Lawn

Depending on the type of grass you have, you may or may not have a pleasant experience walking around barefoot. Consider planting new grass if yours is not plush and if your grass is acceptable, then add some fertilizer. Nutrients help your lawn look and feel amazing. There is no need to pay for high dollar services when you can nourish your yard without issue.

Water Your Grass

The most important thing to do to have your lawn ready for summer is watering it. If you live in an area that gets plenty of rain, then you will not need to worry about this as much. Watering the lawn makes it soft and keeps it hydrated. Walking on a thick and half-dead lawn can feel like small needles puncturing the foot. Watering this green carpet ensures that it is a pleasant experience walking around outside.

Patrol the Area for Debris

Even the healthiest lawn will never be barefoot-ready if it’s full of junk. Over the winter the howling winds can knock down branches and bring all sorts of things into the yard. Grab a bag and one of those extended reach tools and do yard clean up. Pick up any sticks, rocks, toys, pieces of wood, or anything that would cut the foot. Plus, it will make it easier when it is time to mow too.