How to Make Outdoor Space Usable for Your Business During Winter

Outdoor restaurant patioOutdoor business operations in frigid temperatures and precipitation may seem off-putting to your customers at first glance, but as a business owner you can seize the opportunity to embrace winter weather. Restaurants, cafes, retail shops, and companies in various industries need only to make the temperature and environment of the outdoors customer-friendly. Creating an outdoor space for business in the winter means not only staying ahead of the competition, but also provides the opportunity to serve more customers – which may be beneficial to your bottom line.

Arrange your outdoor space in a way that is attractive to customers – this will vary based on the business you are in, and what kind of clients you want to attract. Some businesses will be able to get away with a simple table/chair setup. In this instance a patio heater (or several throughout the space) will suffice to provide all the warmth your customer needs. If your company requires intricate displays in addition to seating, consider purchasing a propane tent heater, which has the capability of heating several thousand square feet. You’ll be surprised that the temperature is the last thing your customers have on their mind!

In addition to heating, remember to always keep an outdoor business area safe and easily accessible. Doing so will ensure the maximum comfort for customers. Remove any ice or snow buildup from your property as soon as possible.

Create an environment that is appealing for customers. This comes down to the design of your outdoor space. Use the feeling of winter coziness and charm to attract passersby. For example, display fun snow globes, sprinkle the tables with faux snow, use holiday-appropriate dishwasre, hang holiday lights throughout the space to make it feel like a winter wonderland, etc. Take advantage of winter holidays by displaying signage that appeals to one’s emotions.

Lastly, consider offering an “outdoor” discount for those who choose to utilize your exterior operations – perhaps a free beverage, or a 10% discount. This is a great way to create buzz. Pedestrians walking by may be curious about your business upon seeing so many happy customers in your space. Encourage them to check it out with a well-advertised discount.