DIY: How to Stencil Your Walls

Alphabet stencilsOne of the easiest ways for any DIYer to display their personality is through wall stenciling. This idea may be especially appealing to renters because stenciling involves paint alone, while applying wallpaper involves glue and may not be easy to remove once you are ready to move. Stenciling on the walls can also be repainted and redone to update the design if you get bored with it!

If you are a first-timer, materials needed include: stencil, stencil brush, painter’s tape, pencil, main wall color paint, accent color paint, paper towels, level, and a ladder for reaching higher sections of the wall.

To begin, decide which wall you will be working on. This will be helpful to know when choosing the stencil design, wall color, and accent color because different parts of the house/apartment may require a different colors to set the correct mood.

Once you have painted your wall, figure out your design layout and use painter’s tape to attach the stencil at the starting point. Paint the design on the wall by dipping the tip of the stencil brush in paint and removing the excess by dabbing it on paper towel.

Apply your paint by dabbing the brush against the stencil openings, a method known as stippling. Be careful not to completely cover the opening of the stencil design with the paint brush – this could lead to the paint running under the stencil, which will mess up the final look. To ensure your stencil design has sharp lines, apply pressure to the stencil around the openings while stippling.

Mark registration points before moving the stencil so that you don’t miscalculate the placement of the next stencil point. Tape the stencil in place and repeat the process. Once you have completed the project, you will have a unique focal wall that you can be proud of!

If you mess up at any point, remember that you can always start over by repainting the wall to the original color. Just wait until it is completely dry before you proceed.