Tips for Adding a Mudroom to Your House

Woman hanging a clockA mudroom is helpful space for any home, especially for families with children. A mudroom often acts as a buffer zone where sand, snow, leaves, and elements from nature can be left behind when entering the house. A mudroom also means extra storage space, coat hooks, shoe racks, and a place where a degree of disorganization is expected. Instead of dirt throughout the entire house, owners can confine the mess to one small space.

When planning a mudroom, decide on the most useful location. In many homes, the kitchen acts as the default mudroom, so homeowners may consider converting an area near the entry door into a mud-proof zone. If the home has an attached garage, convert a corner to act as the transition point between outside and inside. Another popular space for mudrooms is the utility room – especially if they have an outside entrance.

A mudroom is one of the hardest working rooms in a house. It will endure use and abuse nearly every day so using durable and easy-to-clean materials is a must. Bead-board or wainscoting is a great choice as they prevent scratches and dents on the walls from sports equipment and other bulky items.

Waterproof paint on the walls and trim is also recommended, especially in geographic locations that experience high levels of rain and snow. Flooring such as tile, concrete, or resin will be able to withstand muddy boots and scratches. These flooring options are also less resistant to slipping when wet.

Tools needed for adding a mudroom to your house will include a circular saw, reciprocating saw, miter saw, stud finder, level, drill, and hammer/nail set. If construction of the mudroom involves extending your home or adding walls, has a variety of safe and sturdy ladders for indoor/outdoor work.

Adding a mudroom addition to the house can usually be done over the course of 5-7 days. Standard sizes are 6’x6’ or 8’x8’. Mudrooms with a washer and dryer may require an increase in space. Be sure to double-check that you have the necessary permits required in your local area before starting on your mudroom.