5 DIY Projects to Turn Your Bathroom Into Spa

turn your bathroom into a spa

The bathroom is one of the most intimate places within your home. It is a place not just for cleaning and washing, but also for relaxation of the spirit, mind, and body. Who doesn’t enjoy unwinding in a hot bathtub after a long week at work?

However, your alone time may not be very calming while surrounded by plain white walls. The bathroom is your sanctuary, so don’t be afraid to experiment and create a personal atmosphere that is your paradise. There are a plethora of tutorials designed to guide you how to make new additions to your bathroom or even add a unique twist to an old, beloved item. From painting beautiful walls to changing out all the fixtures, here are 5 DIY projects to turn your bathroom into a spa!

Paint Your Walls with a Splash of Color

Spas often utilize natural colors, such as brown, gray, and green, as the organic feel has a calming effect. If you have a small bathroom, choose lighter neutral colors so that it still feels spacious.

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color! For a personalized spa-like effect, paint your walls or trim purple. Purple symbolizes healing, spirituality, and calmness. It is the perfect color for someone who wants to stray from neutral colors, yet still have the effects of a calming color. Here are some painting tools to help you get started.

Change Out All the Fixtures

If you prefer late night, romantic baths before going to sleep, consider installing wall sconces or recessed ceiling lights that have dimmer controls. The dimness helps soften the lighting in the room and gives you a spa-like feel while soaking in the tub. The softness of the light is sure to sooth the tensions of your day away.

Whether you are changing out all the light fixtures or installing dimmer controls, some work is just too difficult to complete all on your own. You may need some assistance when installing new lights as they may involve complex circuits. When dealing with electrical wires, it is crucial that you seek help when it is needed to avoid any electrical issues. You could also look into installing cafe lights.

Changing out all the light fixtures is an excellent way to spruce up your bathroom and give it a spa vibe, without completely renovating your entire bathroom or breaking your budget.

Break Up with Your Boring Shower Head

You may not be able to afford to DIY all the lavish amenities, such as hydrotherapy, saunas, and hot stones, that appear at your favorite spas; however, you can give your bathroom a resort feel with this DIY.

Many homeowners assume a tub is the best item to achieve a spa-inspired bathroom. Soaking tubs are usually only used on occasion and may take up most of your bathroom, leaving it feeling very cramped.

A massage showerhead or a rainfall showerhead do not take up any extra space and will be used daily. While it would be incredible to install both products in a bathroom, changing your shower head is an affordable product that is simple to install, while making a massive difference in the quality of your showers. A fancier showerhead will surely satisfy your needs, providing the spa-like feeling you desire.

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Give Your Bathroom a Luxurious Touch with Faux Wood Tiles

Wood pieces create plenty of serenity, and will surely remind you of your favorite spa; however it is typically not a good idea to use real wood in damp areas. Thankfully, homeowners now have an excellent alternative. It is time to part ways with your boring bathroom tiles. Upgrade your bathroom with faux wood tiles!

Faux wood is porcelain or ceramic tile that mimics the textures of natural wood. It has a higher resistance to water and moisture, while available in a vast variety of patterns that match any spa-inspired bathroom decor.

Since the faux wood is tile, it is relatively easy to swap out your old tiles for the faux wood ones. Use a floor scraper to quickly remove your old tiles.

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Ditch Bathroom Clutter by Using Glass Jars

Clutter gives us stress and is a major reason why spas keep their supplies out of sight. Spas have plenty of room to tuck away all of their toiletries so that guests do not have to see them.

Storage space is a cruel dilemma in tiny bathrooms, as it may not always be readily available when you need it. Hiding all your toiletries usually seems impossible and frustrating as the number of bathroom items you have may be never-ending.

Feeling like you have an endless supply of toothbrushes, half empty spray-tan bottles, and a broken tube of lipstick is a perfect reason to clear out the clutter. It is time to get rid of those old, expired items that you have lying around. Throw away those toiletries and samples that you say you are keeping just in case you may need it.

By throwing away those items, you should free up valuable cabinet space and a significant amount of counter space. If you still need to use counter space items such as Q-tips and cotton balls, organize them in clear glass jars as they will look like a part of your spa-decor.

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