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Creative organization and storage can be easily accomplished in basement rooms that the family uses. In this blog we will spotlight fun and colorful ways to

In previous blogs we discussed the importance of organizing the home and garage. In this blog we will look at improving storage space in the

In our previous blog we discussed stone and brick retaining walls that increased strength as well as beauty. In this blog we will present even

If you have already built a retaining wall out of railroad ties, you will undoubtedly understand the basic elements and items required for construction. Much

Regardless of the season, having a handy coat rack just inside the door or hallway can be convenient. What’s more, it doesn’t take a rocket

If you have lived in the same home or apartment for some time, clutter can begin to build as you accumulate more items. It is

Building your first retaining wall may seem a bit daunting. While challenging, if you start with a simple design, all you need is some basic