Build A Coat Rack Shelf

Regardless of the season, having a handy coat rack just inside the door or hallway can be convenient. What’s more, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to create a simple design and build your own. Even if you are new to Arts & Crafts, building a simple coat rack shelf can be easily accomplished by the first-timer. All you will need are some basic Electric Tools, wooden boards, hooks, paint or stain, and electric equipment such as a fan for ventilation while you are working. By following the straightforward instructions below, you can create your masterpiece, including decorative painting and/or stencil patterns, in a weekend.

Creating Your Own Coat Rack Shelf

coat rack shelf in a laundry areaBasic electric tools you will need include an electric saw and a drill. If you do not already own a saw, we recommend the Makita 7 ¼” circular saw. Model 5007F is lightweight at around 15 lbs and easy to operate. And if you don’t yet own an electric drill, we recommend a DeWalt 18V Compact Drill, model DC759KA. Lightweight at 11 pounds, it is cordless and easy to maneuver.

To begin your shelf-building project, measure the space where your coat rack shelf will be hung. Determine how much clearance you must have and cut two boards to desired length: a 1” X 8” size and a 1” X 4” size of the same length.

Next, take your 1” X 8” board and lay it flat with the top of the shelf portion exposed. Now mark 2 inch portions off each edge from which you will measure and make marks every 4 inches. Once this step is done measure ¾ inches from what will be the back of the shelf for each end. This will allow for the 1” X 4” board you have previously cut. Now drill small pilot holes for where the screws will go, remaining within the ¾ inch marks you have made.

Putting the Shelf Together 

After you have drilled the holes, put a small bead of wood glue at the uppermost edge of the 1” X 4” board. Next put the 1” X 8” board on top of it to form an L shape. Using your drill, screw the two boards together ensuring each screw is snug in the wood. Clean up any extra glue before filling screw areas with wood filler, and let stand. Once dry, sand the area as well as the whole rack with 150 grit sandpaper before cleaning with damp cloth. Once done, paint or stain all surfaces. If you want to add stenciling or sponge paint your coat shelf rack, wait until the base paint is completely dry before doing so. Install hooks where desired once all paint and stenciling has dried.

Mounting the Coat Rack Shelf 

You are now ready to mount your new coat rack shelf. First take a stud finder to locate two studs for mounting. Next, drill pilot holes into the rack where the mounting screws will go. Install the coat rack with mounting screws firmly and tightly. Voila! You have just completed your simple coat rack shelf Arts & Crafts project and are ready to hang your coats.