Budget-Busting Storage Ideas

kitchen with many storage optionsIf you have lived in the same home or apartment for some time, clutter can begin to build as you accumulate more items. It is not uncommon for most homeowners to reach a stage where they either need more storage capacity or maybe never had enough to begin with. You can increase capacity using general Construction Supplies to modify or build shelves, cubbies, or cabinets with your electric tools. What’s more, as a DYIer, more storage can be created at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone else to do it.

Catch-All Closets 

The average closets are typically pretty bare-bones affairs, with one rod for hanging clothes and one shelf nestled above. As such, extra shoes, boxes, and a wide variety of other items tend to get dumped on the closet floor. Additional hanging space for clothes can be easily increased by adding a second, even a third rod. In addition, some homeowners like to build shelves with construction supplies such as pre-finished pine boards. Start with two rows of shelving, and add more when need. You can either attach shelves to the closet’s back wall or construct a free-standing shelving unit, whichever works best for the space.

Below the Bed

Think of all that wasted space below the bed that can be used for more storage. Some homeowners like to only keep one season of clothes in the closet at a time, with other clothing tucked out of harm’s way. Below the bed makes for an ideal storage spot. Large plastic tubs can be purchased inexpensively from your neighborhood box store. Some tubs even come with wheels for easy maneuvering and quick access.

Furniture with Stowing Capacity

If you have been thinking about replacing or adding furniture, consider investing in benches, trunks, coffee or side tables that contain storage capacity. Hall benches, ottomans, and tables make for ideal stowing locations. Built in cupboards and compartments under the bench are ideal for storing extra bedding, decorations, toys, books, and the like. Otherwise, some of these items would either take up space in closets or require an extra piece of furniture to store them in.

Improved Kitchen Organization

Some kitchens look messy and appear to have less storage capacity than they actually possess. If your kitchen has numerous things taking up lots of space on counters and table tops, we recommend purchasing decorative baskets or fun containers to hold common kitchen items. Another idea is to hang hooks underneath cabinets to hang pots, utensils, hot pads and more. If interested, you may even want to use some leftover construction supplies from building closet shelves to make colorful stacking boxes that hold less frequently used kitchen items. It is easy to construct wooden boxes, install hinges for the lid, and add decorative cushions to provide increased seating and storage capacity in the process.