Indoor Paint Projects for Kids During Winter

a wide and narrow paint brushInvesting in paints, brushes, and paper is always a smart idea when it comes to occupying kids. These tools allow them to unleash their creativity, especially during winter days when playing outside is just not an option. Use their finished pieces to decorate the fridge, their bedroom walls, or even framed and displayed in your living room! Here are some fun indoor paint projects for your kids to try this winter:

  1. Circle Cup Painting – You’ll need three cups that have wide rims, paint, white card stock paper, a paintbrush, and glitter. They can start by rolling the mouth of the cups in paint, using a different color for each cup. Next, have them stamp it on the paper. Finally, use the paintbrush to fill in the circles with paint in any pattern they choose. They can top with glitter to add some sparkle.
  2. A Winter Window – You’ll need a sheet of white paper and strips of black paper. Ask them paint out a winter scene such as kids sledding down a hill, trees covered with snow, etc. Once their painting has dried, glue four strips of black paper on each side of the picture to create a framed effect. Stick it on their window for a true “winter window” project.
  3. Face Painting – This project is perfect for a day when your kids are having a play date or sleepover. Set them up with paint station using a table from and let them transform each other into their favorite characters.
  4. Homemade Cards – Do your kids have friends, family, or teachers with a birthday coming up in the next few weeks? If so, have them create personalized cards for each person. Allow them to get creative and use their fingers if they are old enough.
  5. Paint with Nature – Gather branches, pine cones, rocks, and leaves with the kids from your very own backyard. Allow them to paint features of each object in any manner they choose. There really is no right or wrong way with this craft project. Leaving it open ended will allow them to create something that is entirely from their own imagination.
  6. A Wallpaper of their Own – Spread out a giant roll of paper in a section of your home, making sure to protect your floors with newspaper. Provide your kids with paintbrushes, sponges, forks, yarn, and any other objects they want to dip in paint. Have them create a scene with a specific theme – of your choosing or theirs. Once it has dried, attach it to a wall in the house to proudly display their work.