Celebrate Winter Holidays Outdoors this Year

Outdoor gatherings don’t need to come to an end with the arrival of winter because your deck or backyard can serve as an entertaining space all year long. By simply ensuring warmth for your guests, and providing great food, drinks, and décor, you can still have great parties, especially during the holiday season.

The most important element of an outdoor holiday party this winter is heat. If you don’t provide an effective means to keep everyone comfortable, the event may end before it begins. Guests may leave or take solace inside your home instead. Some options to consider include portable patio heaters that come in standing versions, tabletop models, and hanging heaters. Make sure they are dispersed throughout the entire space so guests are not cramped in a small area. Additional warming elements include fire pits and providing blankets, jackets, gloves, hats, and mitten to guests as they arrive.

Whether you intend on a sit down dinner or to simply provide a side table with various dishes, include “warm” foods to supplement your heating efforts like a big pot of stew, soups, and zesty chili’s. One of the best things about outdoor entertaining is that cleanup can be much easier for hosts compared to an indoor party. Just use Kwik Covers over a few fold-up tables and toss them at the end of the night!

Themes are a fun way to add an extra layer of playfulness to your festivities. There are plenty of winter-related themes to use that will give guests something to bond over. During Christmas, how about an “Ugly Sweater Party” where guests are required to wear thcelebrate winter indoorse ugliest sweater they have? Make a contest out of it and send the winner home with a present. For New Years Eve parties, consider a winter wonderland theme with ice sculptures, frosty treats, and colorful confetti décor.

Create a designated place for dancing. Although it may not be everyone’s thing, it provides a source of entertainment for movers, shakers, and observers. Distinguish the space from the rest of the party by using colorful or unique lighting to set the mood.