Winter Projects for the Weekend Warrior

Winter is usually a slow time of the year when it comes to projects for weekend warriors. But if you’re ready to keep busy and accomplish some tasks, there are plenty of projects you can complete in the garage, in your workshop, inside the house, and even outside! Below is a list that should keep you occupied until spring rolls around:

  1. Tree trimming. Instead of calling a professional to trim your landscape, do it yourself. Tree trimming can be done at any time during winter but it’s best to get those branches cut before the first thaw.
  2. Gutter and roof maintenance. You can never be too diligent about ensuring that those gutters are clean. Debris may still accumulate regularly during the winter and you don’t want the house affected by leaks or floods.
  3. Kitchen Renovation. Winter is the best time to do some updates to your kitchen. Make updates your family has been requesting for years – replace counters, put in a new backsplash, improve the flow and layout, add an island, etc.
  4. Add some color to your home. Update the paint in various areas of your house. You can even make this a family project by letting everyone in the house choose a new color for his or her room.weekend winter projects
  5. Refurbish interior doors. The style of your doors adds to the overall décor of the house, so update them during winter for a whole new look. Ways to refurbish include painting them, changing the doorknobs, or adding molding to flat doors to give them some dimension.
  6. Build a mudroom. This is a great project for early in the season because winter is the perfect time of the year for mudroom usage. Say goodbye to dirty boots, winter coats, and sports gear that’s tossed all over the house.
  7. Refinish old furniture. Instead of trashing pieces you no longer need, refinish them for your own use, or sell each piece online.
  8. Install a deck toward the end of winter. Once everything starts to thaw, fix up your deck or install a completely new one. Use this powerful wet/dry Dustless vac to hold all the dust you’ll likely kick up once you start sawing or hammering.