Year: 2022

Motor Model number Volts Amps RPM hp Shaft Motor length Motor diameter 097308-04 120 5.1 3400 1/4 5/16 5 5/8 3 3/4 097308-05(NA) 120 8.6

Annual Replacement Recommended PP211 Unplug heater Remove upper shell and plastic fin grill(if equipped) Remove fan(except on 350 or 600 models) Disconnect spark plug wire

How to find your heater’s Model Number: There will be a decal affixed to the side or on the fuel tank of the heater. This decal will

For heaters manufactured by DESA PP200(HA1000) “L” shaped ceramic block Yellow or Gray Wires The PP200 ignitor is the most common ignitor PP200SC(Heavy Duty) Fits

Air Output, Air Intake, and Lint Filters Remove upper shell Remove filter end cover screws using 5/16″ nut driver Remove end cover Replace air output

New Rotor Installed and Still No Pressure Reddy Heaters Hate Bubbles What can cause excessive odor with a propane heater? How to test a photocell:

Reddy Heater Spark Plug(PP211) Installation Reddy Heater Spark Plug (PP212) Installation Filter Replacement Instructions Product & Techincal Manuals How to replace the rotor (air pump)

In need of a break down for your oil fired heater? Take a look at this manual for the following heaters: Champion® Little Champ® Century®