Reddy Heater Spark Plug(PP211) Installation

Annual Replacement Recommended


  1. Unplug heater
  2. Remove upper shell and plastic fin grill(if equipped)
  3. Remove fan(except on 350 or 600 models)
  4. Disconnect spark plug wire from spark plug
  5. Remove spark plug
  6. Gap new spark plug as follows: 150 kerosene models-Gap at .070″-.080″, 150 kerosene models with solid state ignigtion-Gap at .105″ – .115″. All other kerosene models -Gap at .050″-.060″. Refer to illustration above.
  7. Install new spark plug
  8. Attach spark plug wire to spark plug
  9. Install fan as follows: R150B, R150BT, B150F, F150H, C150F, and REM150A models-Mount fan on motor shaft. Make sure set screw is touching back of flat surface on motor shaft. Torque set screw 40 to 50 inch-pounds. All other kerosene models -Mount fan hub flush with end of motor shaft. Position set screw on flat of shaft and torque 40 to 50 inch-pounds.
  10. Install plastic fan grill(if equipped) and upper shell
  11. Set pump pressure according to owner’s manual specifications.

Refer to owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

WARNING: Never service heater while it is plugged in, operating, or hot. Severe burns and electrical shock can occur.