Filter Replacement Instructions

Air Output, Air Intake, and Lint Filters

  1. Remove upper shell
  2. Remove filter end cover screws using 5/16″ nut driver
  3. Remove end cover
  4. Replace air output and lint filters
  5. Wash or replace air intake filter
  6. Replace filter end cover
  7. Replace fan guard and upper shell

Pump Pressure Adjustment

  1. Remove pressure gauge plug from filter end cover
  2. Install accessory pressure gauge
  3. Start heater and allow motor to reach full speed
  4. Adjust pressure. Turn relief valve to right to increase pressure. Turn left to left to decrease pressure.
  5. Remove pressure gauge. Replace pressure gauge plug in filter end cover.

Fuel Filter

  1. Remove side cover screws using 5/16″ nut driver
  2. Remove side cover
  3. Pull upper fuel line off fuel filter neck
  4. Carefully pry bushing, fuel filter, and lower fuel line out of fuel tank(110/115/155/165/200 models only)
  5. Wash fuel filter with clean fuel and replace in tank
  6. Attach upper fuel line to fuel filter neck
  7. Replace side cover

Note: PP215(HA3018) kit-the long cylindrical fuel filter inserts inside the tubing that draws the fuel from the tank.