Weekend Warrior: Update Your Laundry Room in Two Days

Woman doing laundry in her laundry roomThe laundry room is one of the most used spaces in any home, but it usually does not get the love, attention, or remodeling budget that other rooms do. But if you have a spare weekend, the space can be updated to look and feel newer and more functional than its current state.

Cleaning is the first step. Remove everything from the room and wipe down all the surfaces. Dispose of clutter that does not support the function of the room. Once the room is clean and empty, you can start working to give it some updates.

One or two coats of paint can give the room a brand new look, especially if you plan to go with a completely different color palette. If you feel white walls are too boring, try a light gray instead. Or if the room feels small because of dark paint, use a more neutral color. Painting does not stop at your walls – you can also repaint cabinets. Go with a color that works well with the walls to create a unified look but still contrasts nicely.

Assess the amount of storage space and look for ways to add shelves or bins to reduce the amount of clutter. The less clutter, the more visually appealing the room becomes. Clutter also makes laundry feel more like a mentally burdensome task. In addition to shelves and bins, think outside the box and use items you may already have in the garage. For example, an unused table can be repainted and work as a folding table.

If the lighting fixtures are old or have a dated look, replace them with modern fixtures such as a chandelier or lantern light. An alternative cost-effective option is to spray paint the old fixtures with white or metallic paint for an updated look. Adding brighter light bulbs will make the room feel more spacious.

Decorate the laundry room to complete the update. For example, add a cushy rug, stencil words on the wall, place fresh flowers on the counter, use colorful mason jars as accessories, add a pretty curtain, or all of the above!