Arts & Crafts: Give Your Home a Facelift with Creative Décor

Woman rolling paint on a wallGiving your home a summer-appropriate facelift does not require a ton of time or money. Instead, creativity and the ability to complete a few craft projects are important elements of sprucing up your home décor. Here are a few ways to freshen up the rooms in your home:

  1. Paint just one wall in a room in a focal color, or paint a contrasting rectangle above a sofa to use as a gallery space. You may also try painting the ceiling a lighter version of the wall color, or painting the insides of bookshelves in an unexpected color.
  2. Work with what you have – in a different way. Take down all paintings and artwork. Move them around to different walls or rooms. You would be surprised how the same items in different areas can transform the house.
  3. Frame moldings can give a plain wall or hallway an instant paneled look.
  4. Retile the kitchen backsplash. You may only need a few square feet of tile, so consider splurging for a fancy style if the budget permits. Or, use plain porcelain tile for most of the surface and then mix in a few hand-painted or high-end tiles as accents.
  5. Paint a trio of terra cotta pots in coordinating colors. Plant herbs or flowers and line the pots up on the kitchen windowsill.
  6. Use upholstery tacks to add some flair to a plain piece of wood furniture. Insert them along the lines of a table, bench, or chair for an eye-catching accent.
  7. Use a simple bath mat, turn it vertically, and use it as hanging wall art.
  8. Remove the doors on a bank of upper cabinets for instant open shelving. For a colorful touch, arrange 2-3 single step vases on the shelves.
  9. Have unused or old rhinestone necklaces sitting in your jewelry box? Use them to make curtain tiebacks for a bohemian-inspired look.
  10. Use jute rope to add a nautical touch to window dressings.
  11. Tie shower curtains on with bows instead of metal rings for a feminine and classic touch.