Weekend Warrior: Prepare the Garage for Winter

garage doorThe garage doesn’t receive much appreciation, but it takes care of many needs. The garage stores cars, tools, gardening items, and outdoor supplies. During the winter, individuals can also move outdoor toys and furniture into the space. Winter supplies, such as shovels, salt, and snow blowers, can be moved into the garage as well. Prepping the garage for winter is important. You want things to be in tip-top shape all winter long.

First, take the time necessary to clean out the garage. Pack away summer tools and bring winter items forward. You want appropriate tools to be handy at a moment’s notice. Get rid of anything that is broken or no longer needed such as duplicate tools, old car parts, and rusty cans of paint. Find storage for whatever is left over, either by adding shelves to the space, or purchasing storage containers. Keep items off the floor and out of the way as much as possible.

Drain out the oil and gasoline on all summer equipment, especially the lawnmower. Get the snow blower in proper working order. When temperatures dip below the freezing mark, use a Mr. Heater Buddy Heater to keep you warm while organizing the garage. Heating up to 200 square feet, the heater does not require electricity. With this heater, you can always be comfortable. You might consider purchasing one or two Mr. Heater Buddy heaters from EquipSupply.com for use in the house, in case power outages occur during the winter.

Next, put some effort into protecting the garage floor. Driving through snow and slush, your vehicle will likely deposit sand and salt chemicals on the floor. These substances can crack the concrete or lead to pockmarks. Make sure to apply a protective coating to the floor.

Replace batteries in garage door openers and examine the garage door to make sure it is operating properly. Use weather stripping and caulk to swap out old and worn stripping. Seal around the door and any windows with caulking, to prevent cold air from getting into the garage space.

Finally, it is important to upkeep maintenance throughout the winter. Invest a few hours every month to put items back in place.