Arts & Crafts: DIY Winter Crafts for Entertaining

Young girl with a holiday decorationHosting a party or event on your property during the winter can be a great time. Snowflakes, sparkle decorations, and bold red items are all iconic of the winter season. Depending on the type of party you are hosting, crafts can range from simple to extremely elegant. A boisterous outdoor winter wedding can call for a flurry of colors and decorations, while minimal colors and crafts may be more suitable for an upscale dinner party. Below are three craft ideas to consider for your next winter function. Feel free and get the kids involved with some of these decorations:

Crystal branches (or plants) can serve as outdoor wedding centerpieces or even line the aisle leading to the altar. Use potted plants or branches that are free of leaves, and trim them down for a neat look. You’ll need adhesive that will dry clearly – Mod Podge is a good option. Apply the adhesive everywhere you want your crystal or “ice” to stick. Next, pour a large handful of Epsom salt over the glued areas. Allow the adhesive to dry completely. If you have opted for loose branches instead of a potted plant, put the crystal branches in a tall vase, to act as a centerpiece. If you plan to serve dinner on outdoor tables, you may also want to use a patio heater from to keep the backyard space warm for all guests, while maintaining classy décor.

Cinnamon candles can give your event a sweet smell and a seasonal look. You’ll need several candles (a variety of shapes and sizes is okay), cinnamon sticks, twine, and rubber bands. First, place the rubber band around the candle. Insert cinnamon sticks around the candle, and secure them under the band. After going around the entire candle, use the twine as a decorative and rustic touch. Wrap several layers of the twine around the candle, hiding the rubber band in the process. Finally, finish the craft by wrapping a red bow around the twine, or inserting a small Christmas berry branch inside the twine.

Illuminated Christmas boxes can light up the front of your home as a festive welcome, or make your backyard glow. You will need wood for the frame, outdoor lights, mesh ribbon, regular ribbon, and some other tools including a miter saw, nail gun, hammer, nails, and a stapler. Make the frames of your boxes with the wood pieces according to the sizes you think are best for your space. Once a box frame is made, start stapling the lights around the frame. Next, cover the box with your fabric, stapling as you go along. Tie the ribbons around the exterior, like a real present. Set the boxes outside, plug them in, and enjoy the lights.