Weekend Warrior – Modern House Trends

backyard landscape scene with pond and lightingOne of the easiest ways to increase property value on a home is to add a few luxurious touches. Doing so can turn an ordinary house into a dream house. Even if you are not planning to sell, updating aspects of the property such as landscaping, lighting, and outdoor setup may have you feeling like a celebrity. Weekend warriors may consider the following home design ideas to create modern and stylish accents at home.

  • Large windows and glass walls, folding or sliding glass doors, and glass partitions that connect rooms indoors with outdoor living spaces create a modern look but also add functionality to any space.
  • Nothing says luxury like a spa-inspired bathroom. Use natural views as the focal point to the bathroom by incorporating large windows. If your bathroom does not have a naturally beautiful view, create a mini-spa area and combine natural materials with chic décor.
  • Spacious walk-in closets and stylish dressing rooms are great additions for any home. They create smart storage spaces, make individuals feel opulent, and add value to the house. Consider wood for built-in shelves and cabinets, combined with contemporary lighting.
  • Large outdoor living spaces that utilize a beautiful garden, yard decorations, creative artworks, and unique décor can be done simply or extravagantly, depending on your personal taste. A great example of unique décor is this bronze patio heater that allows you to stay warm while using the outdoor space during the winter.
  • A modern home theater creates the atmosphere of being at the movies, with the comfort of extra-plush seating, a customized screen, and the convenience of being at home. A home theater may be used to host parties for major events, such as the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, etc.
  • The exterior of a property should give a great first impression. A beautiful driveway, manicured lawn, and bright outdoor lights will impress guests right away and sets the tone for the rest of the house. Lighting should be stylish, efficient, and subtle to make the house feel expensive.

Child-friendly areas that have bookshelves, slides, and storage add creativity to the house. Having a dedicated area where kids and adults can play is valuable emotionally, and also prevents the entire home from being influenced by touches of disarray.