Tips for Outdoor Entertaining During Winter

When individuals think of entertaining guests during the winter, they usually plan indoor parties so that guests can be warm and comfortable. But entertaining outdoors during the winter can actually be a fun alternative to having everyone cramped indoors. Even if the air is brisk or there is light precipitation, providing warmth, shelter, and comfort outdoors can be achieved easily. Here are some ways to make winter entertaining a hit:

First, let guests know ahead of time to bundle up. Then, invest in a patio heater in the event of colder-than-normal temperatures. The patio heater does not require electricity, can last for 9-10 hours, and is easy to move as needed. There are a variety of sizes and finishes to choose from.

People gathered around an outdoor tableOnce considerations have been made to keep your guests warm, dress your outdoor space in an equally considerate way. For example, light candles of different shapes, sizes, and scents. Vanilla, cinnamon, and coffee flavors create a relaxed atmosphere. Use furniture that is comfortable, cozy, and made from warm materials such as wool or velvet. Throw fleece blankets over chairs so that individuals can use them as shawls or to cover their legs. Another fun element may be to create a bonfire where guests can gather around to socialize in smaller groups. It also sets the stage for an evening of fondue.

Serve meals that are warm and filling. Stews, soups, or even grilling are great options. Keep warm drinks, such as hot chocolate and coffee, flowing throughout the party. For dessert, something hot and gooey will be a sure winner.

Music is an important factor for outdoor entertaining. Create a song list that caters to the preferences of guests. Start slow and play more upbeat songs as the night goes on. A surefire ways for guests to stay warm is to dance the night away.