Build DIY Winter Storage in Your Garage

winter field scene with storage garageHave some spare time on your hands this winter and looking for a DIY project? Use one or two weekends to create a storage system for winter tools and equipment. And this is the perfect time to do it because the equipment is probably lying around various locations on your property. Here are some tips to utilize the space in your garage to build efficient storage so you can access all the winter tools you need without delay.

Grab a dependable tool kit like Bosch’s 18V Cordless 4-Tool Combo Kit and start by using your walls for shelves and cabinets. This will save you the clutter of relying on floor space alone, and still leave plenty of room for your vehicle to avoid scratches. Designate specific shelves for various winter items like cleaners, scrapers, salt, etc.

Use plenty of hooks to create more space and make tools and gears easy to reach. Hanging tools actually prolong their lifespan by keeping them in good condition. Examples of items to hang on hooks include ladders, shovels, rakes, helmets, brooms, drills, etc. You’ll also make your garage space safer when you see where everything is, instead of tripping over your tools in search of a particular item.

Running out of wall space and still have items that need a home? Use the ceiling. Purchase and install pre-made ceiling mounted storage racks or build your own. Beginners can use basic materials like wood, their tool kit, and white paint for the entire project. Just be sure the ceiling can support all the items you plan to store.

Install motion-sensor-activated and battery-powered LED lights because you never know when a snowstorm can knock your power out. Instead of rummaging around and wasting time, you’ll be able to simply walk into your garage, find the supplies you need with the illumination, and get to work with making sure your family and property are protected.

Build bins or raised platforms to keep sand, salt, and ice melt off the ground. They can get ruined easily or end up making a huge mess on the floor. If you step on these items in the garage, they can get tracked into your home and ruin your carpet.

With dedicated winter storage space, you’ll also be able to put all items where they belong at the end of the season, and not have to worry about digging them out of storage next year.