Must Have Equipment For Hosting Outdoor Winter Events

Hosting social events can be done all year long – even during winter. In fact, outdoor winter parties are some of the most memorable because they happen less frequently. The most important element of any outdoor party in the winter is keeping guests comfortable. As long as your attendees are warm, they will be able to enjoy the festivities, just as they would at any other time of the year. Here is must-have equipment when hosting outdoor winter events to ensure a great time for all your guests:

  • Heaters – Even if the weather calls for clear skies and higher-than-average temperatures, winter parties require a heat source (or multiple heat sources). Your heat source will vary depending on the number of guests and the type of function. For example, an intimate holidays party may require one DIY fire pit, while a formal wedding under a tent will need multiple units of a powerful heater like the 190K Dual Fuel Direct-Fired Heater by Nomad. Providing warmth should be your number one priority during outdoor events, otherwise guests may not stick around to enjoy all the great food, drinks, and social activities.Must Have Equipment For Hosting Outdoor Winter Events


  • Tables and Chairs – Use your outdoor furniture, as long as it will not be ruined with unpredictable precipitation. Otherwise, consider renting or investing in folding tables and chairs. And whether you are renting or using your own, definitely purchase disposable table covers so you can fold up and toss out at the end of the night to spare yourself hours of cleaning.


  • Protection from Rain – This is required for engagement parties, weddings, and other formal functions. If you are not hosting the event at your home, guests will have no place to seek shelter from a sudden downpour. Use a tent or canopy to keep everyone dry. Your venue can likely provide this equipment, or purchase your own so you can use again in the future.


  • Lighting – Use lights as both a décor and functional element that sets the mood for the type of event you are hosting. Consider various options such as strings of lights, hurricane lanterns or tealights, tiki torches, or even special outdoor lamps that also provide heat.


Entertainment Equipment – Rent or buy speakers, video equipment, and microphones if necessary for big events. Informal gatherings may only require speakers for background music. Either way, be sure to have a few different ideas planned to keep guests fully entertained.