Build a Versatile Lemonade Stand for Multiple Uses

Children selling lemonade from their standRunning a lemonade stand is a great way for kids to learn a many important life lessons. Not only do they develop financial and communications skills, but also build their self-confidence and harness the power of their imagination when it comes to their display. The advantages of operating a lemonade stand can even start during the building stage for Weekend Warriors who allow their kids to help with the building process.

Contrary to popular belief, lemonade stands are not just useful during the summer months. While they may be shorter than average to accommodate a child’s height, you can always add-on some height with additional wooden crates for adult use, or as the kids grow up. Lemonade stands are versatile and strong enough to be utilized in a variety of ways, including:

  • A child-friendly dessert bar at your next party
  • A place to store and display holiday gifts
  • A “hot chocolate” stand during the winter months instead of lemonade
  • A stand for the kids to display their own items for sale at the next yard sale
  • A prop to use during a family photo shoot
  • A fresh flower display

Using crates to build the base for the stand offers the option to increase the height of the stand in the future. Materials needed include: 2 unfinished wood crates, 2 long boards (may vary in size based on the height you are trying to achieve), 4 support boards, a rectangular wooden board that will act as the top display sign on the stand, nails, a hammer, paint, chalkboard spray paint, (green) spray paint, white frame (which will display a printable lemonade sign), paint brush, painter’s tape, outdoor tape, and a DeWalt propane heater to stay warm if you are building the stand outdoors in cold temperatures.

First, attach the two crates together with nails, placing the support boards inside on the four front corners. Then nail the long boards to the sides of the lemonade stand, and nail the rectangular wooden board in front of the long boards. Use painter’s tape and trash bags to cover the top board in order to spray with the chalkboard spray paint. Once dry, remove the wrapping and paint the remaining stand white, or any color your youngster prefers. Then use the (green) spray paint to add color to the white frame and insert the printable lemonade sign. Attach to the stand using the outdoor tape. You can also use the top chalkboard to write a message for customers. At this point, your child can decorate the rest of the stand to his or her liking!