Decor Ideas for Outdoor Autumn Parties

Fall table place settingEvery party requires a degree of planning around the space, setup, menu, and entertainment. But outdoor autumn parties may require more attention. Not only do you want guests to feel warm and cozy, you can also show that using the great outdoors to host a social gathering in cooler temperatures is actually a great idea!

The main red flag for an outdoor autumn party is weather. Solve this issue by buying or renting a patio heater – you can even find one that matches with your outdoor furniture. Draw in the fall colors by arranging blankets and throw cushions in various seating areas. Not only will they add to your décor, but attendees can also use the items should they need additional warmth.

Use fall leaves to create a path from the kitchen to your backyard. The kids can assist with this project by gathering the leaves. Use any extra leaves to create a welcome wreath for your front door.

Combine food with design to seamlessly work with your outdoor theme. A fun and quirky idea is to use a pumpkin as a serving bowl. For example, use large hallowed-out pumpkins to hold chips or other party food. Or remove the inside of an apple to create a mini-cup that can be used to serve cider or hot chocolate. This is one instance when playing with your food is a good idea!

For more formal parties that require the setting of a table, use a thin log slice under the dinner plates for a rustic autumn feel. Use small glass jars (or Mason jars) as candleholders by filling the vessel with water, placing a tea candle, and wrapping some twine around the mouth for some additional flair.

As the evening proceeds and dessert is ready to be served, light a fire pit (if you already have one), or set up a portable one. Provide each guest with his or her very own s’more kit. This will get everyone gathered around the fire, and create an intimate setting on a chilly autumn night.