Creative Coat Rack Ideas

Coat Racks are very useful furnishings to have during all seasons of the year. They are particularly advantageous during winter months when heavy coats affected by rain, sleet, or snow need to dry out before hanging in a closet. While coat racks are easily available in stores or online outlets, the creative crafter will enjoy making their own unique coat rack using a few simple Construction Tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, electric tools, and saws. What’s more, incorporating fun and unique shapes on walls or constructing free-standing coat racks, can fuse functionality with either elegant or eclectic interior design features that add appeal to any home decor.

The Shape of Things to Come

rustic coat racks on a wall with a cowboy hat hangingIt’s amazing what you might find around the house that can be adapted or used as a base or portion of a coat rack. Other inventive sources to find unique shapes/items from which to begin building your coat rack can be consignment shops, used goods stores, even junk yards. Some of the most inventive coat racks around have been built using old oars, modified pole lamps, reclaimed and distressed barn boards, and much more. Below are a few simple suggestions for stimulating ideas to create an unusual coat rack for your next arts & crafts project. We will have more specific coat rack ideas in future blogs.

  • Wall Stenciling: This practice is unbelievably simple. There are numerous wall stencils available in a variety of shapes and sizes in many home furnishing stores which can be easily adapted for coat rack purposes. The most commonly used stencil shape is that of a tree.  All that is required is the stencil, an electric drill, and some hooks. Simply drill a hole in strategic locations on tree branches. Install the hooks where you want coats to hang and you have a coat “rack.”
  • Distressed Wood Wall Mounting: Another simple coat rack idea using basic construction tools is to take an old piece of wood reclaimed from torn down buildings, such as barns, to mount on the wall. All you need for this creative coat rack is a saw, nails, stud finder, and hooks or wooden pegs. Simply cut wood piece (if needed) to size, locate studs, and nail to the wall. You can install hooks or pegs either before mounting on wall or after, whichever you prefer.
  • More Used Wood ideas: A modification of using distressed wood is to find old items in the garage, attic, or junk yard such as skis, oars, paddles, palettes, and wooden signs in which to install hooks and mount on the wall. There are all many of items around the house or in used good stores that can be used to make your coat rack.