Advanced: Building a Window Nook

Couple in a window nookA window nook is the perfect addition to a home that has bay windows or even a basic niche to fill. Once the project is complete, you will get a beautiful space that can be utilized for relaxing, reading, or people watching.

Let’s first tackle building a window seat for a basic square or rectangular window niche. Screw four heavy-duty shelf brackets into the wall, placing two on each side. Use a level to make sure the brackets are even. Measure the length and width of the nook and purchase a piece of wood or medium density fiberboard based on the measurement. If you already have pieces of board at home, use a circular saw to cut them down to the dimensions you need.

Place the wood on top of the brackets. Use a glue gun to attach ribbon or trim to hide the front of the board. Find a comfortable piece of foam and wrap some fabric around it – this will be your nook cushion. Glue the cushion to the board. Now, you have a seat to sit on!

To cover the empty and exposed space under the seat, place a tension rod directly below the board. Adjust it high enough so that a ribbon can hang over it to mask the rod. Finally, like a shower curtain, insert fabric into small rings and slide it through the tension rod to create a curtain in front of the empty space. Now you’ve got yourself a simple and comfortable window nook!

Now, let’s take a look at the bay window nook. First, use a tape measure to mark the height of the window seat. A 21-inch minimum is advised – low enough for a comfortable seat, and deep enough for storage.

Use 2×4’s to create the front frame of the seat and nail together with a nail gun. Put the frame in place and attach to the floor and walls. Next, measure the dimensions for the top of the seat and cut out either one solid piece to place on top the frame, or cut three pieces – a square piece for the middle or two triangular pieces for both sides of the bay window. It is also wise to create additional support for the seat by using plywood to strengthen the foundation of the seat.

Once all pieces are attached, use a sander to give the seat a smooth look. Paint the book to match the décor of your room.